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Ontario Works



* MyBenefits online service for Ontario Works

Link directs you to:


A new online service for social assistance recipients.
Fast. Easy. Secure.
Get payment information, view letters and report income or address changes – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
You can use the 
MyBenefits(link is external) service if you have an email address. Register today at is external)
For more information talk to your Caseworker or call the MyBenefits Info Line at 1 888 999-6130 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm)

Ontario Works provides temporary financial assistance to those in need living in Lanark County while they work toward a common goal to become and stay employed.

Click on the headings below to receive more information.

  • How to apply for Ontario Works
  • Applicants have the right to:

    1. An application interview;
    2. Bring a person of their choice with them to the interview;
    3. A timely decision on their eligibility for Ontario Works Assistance;
    4. A written notice of the eligibility decision;
    5. The opportunity to have decisions reviewed.
  • Ontario Works recipients are expected to do several things:

    • Attend periodic interviews with a Case Manager;
    • Respond promptly to requests by a Case Manager;
    • Report changes in living arrangements, all income and assets and any other changes;
    • Repay all overpayments;
    • Report income monthly using the Income Reporting Statement;
    • Contact your Case Manager when they have questions or concerns;
    • Sign a Participation Agreement (see next heading: "What is a Participation Agreement");
    • Participate in employment-related activities that will bring them closer to financial independence.
  • When you apply for Ontario Works, you will be asked to develop a Participation Agreement (PA) with your caseworker. The PA is an agreement or contract with Ontario Works that outlines the activities you will do with the goal of preparing for, finding and keeping a job. The agreement is based on your skills and abilities, and can change as your circumstances change. Talk to your caseworker if you have health or other issues that could affect your participation in employment activities.

  • Do you need help getting Family Support?
  • How to report a questionable or fraud complaint
  • How to appeal a decision
  • What type of Employment Supports are available?

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